Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lucy 13 Months

I don't have much to report for this entry. I've added "mum-mum" to my vocabulary. They are my favorite cracker and I say that repeatedly while looking at the top of the refrigerator where they are kept (in case Mom doesn't get the hint). I also say "Hi," and wave. I've taken a few more steps on my own, but I'm not ready to be a full-fledged walker yet.

Mom, Grandmom and Grandpop and I went to visit this guy named "Santa." He was visiting my school.

I didn't even know him, and they expected me to sit on his lap. way.

Yeah, Happy Holidays. Whatev.

Friday, November 28, 2008

One Year

Mom's sorry it's taken so long to post an update this month. It's been a bit crazy around here. I got sick (again) and had to use a nebulizer for a couple weeks because I was wheezing, but it seems to have cleared up. Unfortunately, the infection or whatever that was making me sick didn't go away so quick, so now I'm on antibiotics to clear up a sinus and ear infection. I'm feeling better, though, especially with this long holiday weekend to spend sleeping and hanging out with

I turned one this month. Can you believe it!? I weigh 22.5 lbs and am 31 inches tall. I had a birthday party at a restaurant called "The Willows." It's the same restaurant Mommy and Daddy had their reception. It was fun!

Big news this month! I have two more teeth! Now I have two top and four bottom teeth. Mom says two more teeth up top look like they are on their way, so the next time you hear from me, I might have SIX teeth! I also said my first word this month: "Uh-oh." Isn't that funny? I know a few signs, too. I sign for all done, more, please and milk. We are learning baby signs at daycare, so I taught Mom the sign for please. She was pretty impressed! I tried taking a couple of steps on Thansgiving at Grandmom and Grandpop's house, but I'm not walking for real yet. Maybe soon. All the kids in my new daycare class walk and sometimes they leave me behind.

I no longer drink from bottles or drink formula. I drink regular milk from sippy
cups. I don't even need milk before bed anymore! I'm still eating all kinds of stuff, but my favorites are waffles, bananas and mashed potatoes. Soon I will learn how to use a spoon, but for now, I'm all about finger food!

Here are some pictures from my birthday party. I hope you like them!

Lucy's Birthday

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Mom's busy gathering up the photos from today, but I wanted to show you at least one. More pictures to come soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

11 Months Old

I am now 11 months old. The last month before I turn ONE YEAR OLD! Dad weighed me the other day and I'm unoffically 21lbs. I continue to use the furniture to help me walk around. I can stand for a few seconds before I realize what I'm doing and fall over. My top teeth still haven't come in all the way, but you can see them in a couple of the pictures.

I'm not too fond of animals these days. I don't like Grandma and Grandpa's dogs and we did a pet walk for charity the other day and I really didn't like that. I like to try to stack things and put things in my buckets. I'm eating most foods now, except the high allergen stuff like nuts and seafood. Mom says I am going to have to give up my bottles soon, but I'm ignoring her.

Mom apologizes for being late with this update. The internet (whatever that is) connection at home isn't working very well and she's been really busy at work lately. Here are some pictures. I hope you like them. The next time you hear from me, I'll be ONE YEAR OLD!!

Lucy 11 Months

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten Months Old

Today I turned 10 months old. Mom freaked out because my age has two numbers in it. And guess what? I have more teeth! My two top teeth are coming in - one side faster than the other. There was mention of "snaggletooth" at dinner the other night, but I don't know what that word means. I am starting to understand words more, though. I know water and I know my name, but sometimes I ignore Mommy and Daddy when they say it. I became fascinated with putting things inside buckets this month and got really good at my peek-a-boo flap books. So much so that I get mad at Mom if she doesn't read me one every night.

Mom and Dad opened up more of the house for me this month. Now I can cruise around the dining room, the foyer, and the hallway. They are still keeping me out of the kitchen with a gate, though. It really makes me mad when Mom's in there and I can't get to her, even if she gives me stuff to bang around on. I have my own cubby holes in the dining room where Mom stashes different toys and books for me. It's a lot of fun to push my high chair around on the wood floor, too.

I moved up to the big tub this month. It took me a few days to get used to it, but I like it a lot now. I have lots of room to splash around in and there's this neat round thing I pull on that makes the water disappear. I got some new clothes this month, too. My belly was starting to hang out of my 6-9 month tshirts. I like my new clothes. Mom has good taste!

Speaking of taste, we found a food I can't eat this month. Hummus. Mom gave me some on a cracker and everywhere the hummus touched, my skin turned bright red. It still tasted good though, so I tried to eat it while Mom tried to get it off me. The redness lasted a couple hours. I guess I won't be eating that again anytime soon.

Here are some pictures of me. I hope you like them!

Lucy 10 Months

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nine Months - Finally

I'm 9 months old now. I weigh 20 lbs and am 29.5 inches tall. We can say "tall" now because I stand up. Ok, not on my own, but I am vertical a lot.

We had a busy month this past month! My Aunt Jeri and my big sis Mashea came to visit us for almost two weeks. It was so neat meeting my big sister and seeing my Aunt again. I had fun playing with Mashea and she seemed to enjoy playing with my toys, too. Dad, Aunt Jeri and Mashea did all kinds of fun stuff, but I had to go to daycare anyway because I was too small for most of it. I did go to the beach with them one day, but I did not like it. The waves scared me, the sand was scratchy and all I did was cry. Mom said we are going to go to the beach again soon, though. I guess I'd better prepare myself for that.

Physically, I continue to crawl like a mad woman and have taken up grunting and pointing. Mom is trying to teach me some sign language, but really it justs looks like she's flapping her hands around in the air. I recognize the sign for "milk" and I'm working on the sign for "more." Cheerios are a great educational motivator for me.

I'm still trying lots of new foods and I eat pretty much everything Mom gives me. I don't care for beans, though. I feed myself finger foods and am pretty good with a sippy cup.

Here are some pictures. I hope you like them!

Nine Months Old

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nine Months - Delayed

Mom's delaying my nine month posting until after my doctor's appointment on the 21st so we can have some accurate statistics to share with you. Plus, she's trying to gather up some pictures from when my aunt and big sister came to visit, but the pictures haven't arrived from the mainland yet. Here's one picture to hold you over until then.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Eight Months Old

Last week, I turned 8 months old. 3/4 of a year! Mom's getting into the swing of things at work and I'm getting used to our routine. We changed daycares this week, though. Now I'm closer to home so Mommy and Daddy can take turns picking me up and dropping me off. I started cruising around more this month. I like to move up and down the length of the couch. The couch is just the right height to hold on to. We celebrated Father's Day and I made a card for Daddy at daycare. I had a rough patch this month, with a double ear infection and a touch of pinkeye. I'm all better now, but it took awhile to get over everything. This month I tried green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, tofu, egg yolk, puffed rice cereal, and a funky sweet potato that Mom got at the Farmer's Market. That's a funny story, actually. Mom, Dad and I went to the Farmer's Market at a local college here. Daddy was wearing me in my Beco and I had on my big pink floppy hat and my sunglasses. A couple of Japanese tourists stopped and asked if they could take pictures with me. Mommy and Daddy said yes and they snapped away. Very weird.

Next week my big sister and my Auntie Jeri are coming to visit. We'll be sure to take lots of pictures to show you at the next update!

Eight Months Old - Part One

Eight Months Old - Part Two

Monday, June 9, 2008

Seven Months Old

Today I turned 7 months old. It's been a really busy month. Daddy came back, so we all hung out a lot and reconnected as a family. I also started daycare this month. I like it! I get to play with new toys, hang out with my new friends and not take naps. I'm supposed to take naps, but there's just too much going on for me to spend all day laying around like that! Mom went back to work last week. It's been an adjustment getting up so early and only having a couple hours together on weeknights, but we make up for it on the weekends. I got a new carseat this month. I got too big for my old one. I got a new activity table this month, too. I like it because it gives me one more thing to use to help me stand. I really like standing. I'm just starting to take a few steps here and there while I'm holding on to the couch, but nothing major. I'm getting pretty good and getting down from standing without bashing my head on the floor. But the big news for this month is I HAVE TEETH! My two bottom teeth popped through about two weeks ago and they are getting taller everyday. Sometimes I forget about them and bite myself when I'm sucking my fingers. Mom won't let me chew on her fingers anymore either. She says it hurts, but that doesn't stop me from trying! This month I tried yogurt, carrots, mango, banana and squash. They're ok, but I really like my crackers. I hope you like my pictures below!

Seven Months - Part One

Seven Months - Part Two

Friday, May 16, 2008

Six Months Old

A week ago I turned six months old. Half a year! Man, time is flying! I weigh
18 pounds even and am 27 inches long. Daddy came home this month. I was a
little leery of him at first because it had been just me and Mom for so
long. A few days was all it took to get back into the swing of things. I'm
glad my Daddy is home!

I've changed a lot in the last month. I started crawling...real crawling!
At first I would belly crawl, but as the month went on, my arms started
coordinating with my legs. Now I am all over the place! I've also started
climbing on everything. Mom caught me pulling myself up to stand in my crib
a couple of times, so Dad lowered the mattress to keep me from falling out.
I also got really vocal this month. Lots of babbling and at high volume. I
also started teething in earnest. I have a couple of teeth nubs waiting to break through on the bottom and I chomp, chomp, chomp on anything...fingers, toys, the couch.

I started eating solid food this month. I'm not sure why they call it
solid...everything is really mushy. I tried applesauce at first. It was ok.
Then avocado. I really like avocado! Then sweet potato. It made me gag.
When I see that orange mess coming, I throw a fit! Pears were ok, too. Then
rice cereal. That was kinda gross, but Mom mixes it up with avocado and I
eat it all up!

I hope you like my six month pictures!

Six Months - Part 1

Six Months - Part 2

Six Months - Food (Part 3)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Six Months Old - Delayed

They say you can't keep them little forever, but Mom is trying to prove that wrong by not posting my six month photos and update until May 16th.

Not really. My six month doctor's appointment isn't until then and Mom would rather have the right stats on my update. So check back next week! Until then we leave you with a picture of me starting solid food. I believe this is avocado. Yummy!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Five Months Old

Yesterday I turned five months old. Almost a half a year! I weigh almost 15 pounds. This month, Mommy and I were busy going to playdates and parties. We had a lot of fun! I'm a super duper roller and I like to get up on all fours and rock back and forth. I want to crawl so bad, but I don't quite have the coordination yet. Mommy got my ears pierced this month. It wasn't so bad. I got a new toy...a Jumperoo. I hated it at first, but then I figured out what to do and now I jump even when I'm not in it! Mommy and I worked really hard on my naps this month and now I'm a good nap taker. I'm still waking up at night, though. I wore shoes for the first time this month. They taste good! I've started babbling more. Mom calls it babbling, I call it talking...she just doesn't know what I'm saying!

Five Months - Part 1

Five Months - Part 2

Five Months - Part 3

Monday, March 10, 2008

Four Months Old

Yesterday I turned four months old. I weigh 13lbs 12oz and am 26 inches in length. I'm in the 90-95th percentile for height and the 50-75th percentile for weight. This month, my eyes turned hazel/brown/dark grey and are no longer blue. I learned how to grasp objects on purpose. I learned how to roll from my back to my tummy (I could already go from my tummy to my back) and promptly got myself wedged under the entertainment center. Mommy needs to start babyproofing the house because I am mobile now. I roll and scoot all over the floor. I'm still working on sitting up, but I have really good neck control now. I giggle a lot more. I sleep in my own crib in my own room now because I was getting frustrated not being able to roll around in the bassinette next to Mommy's bed. I like to grab things off the counters when Mommy is wearing me in her pouch sling. I like to lick her water glass and grab things off the table when she wears me in her pouch sling and is eating. I think Mommy's going to start putting me in my high chair soon. I got my first cold this month. It wasn't a lot of fun. I also went to the pool for the first time this month. Mommy is a big believer in sun protection, as you can see from the pictures below. I stopped sleeping through the night and Mommy's kinda tired. I blow spit bubbles and screech a lot for fun. I hope you like my pictures below!

Four Months Part 1

Four Months - Part 2

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Three Months Old

Today I am three months old. I (unofficially) weigh 12lbs 12oz. I am still gaining weight steadily. In the past month I rolled over, got my toes to go into my mouth, started sleeping longer stretches, started giggling and have turned finger sucking into an art form among other things. I hope you like the pictures below!

Third Month Part One

Third Month Part Two

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two Months Old

Today I am two months old. I weigh 10lbs 12 oz and am 23.75 inches long. I have gained an average of an ounce a day since being discharged from the hospital. Mommy makes good milk! I got my shots today. It sucked, but then I conked out on Mommy in the doctor's office. I hope you like the pictures below!

Two Months Old - Part Deux

Two Months Old - Part 3