Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Shower

Momma with the presents. Grandma made the diaper cake. Watch out, Martha Stewart!

A gaggle of girls getting acquainted.

Seriously, you're going to keep taking pictures?

Momma's friend's little boy. She and Momma have the same due date!

Lucy is one loved little girl.

Grandma asked people to write words of wisdom. Momma hasn't read them yet, but there was a lot of giggling.

Anyone else want to carry this around for awhile?

Time to open presents!

Washcloths will definitely come in handy.

The gaggle looks on.

Oh! A mini changer. Momma will get lots of use out of that.

An aquarium for the crib. The little one was enthralled with it.

The tag on this said "trucker jacket." Momma's friend handsewed on the lace on the collar and sleeves. SO cute!

How cute is that!?

Another handsewn present from the same friend - an amazing blanket.

Momma likes books!

A "diva" onesie.

This one cracked us all up.

Lucy's getting an early start on the attitude.

This one says "Pucker Up."

A little foot scrub for the parents' tired feet.

Whoohoo! A big ol' diaper bag!

These handsewn gifts were too cute for words. An auntie is putting Lucy on the Goth track early.

There was a onesie, a hair barrett (assuming Lucy has any hair-ha) a bib and two diapers all in pink and black.

The onesie. Momma looks like she's crying but she's laughing really really hard.

The butt ruffles on the onesie.

Momma hopes Lucy's more photogenic than she is!

An infant car seat for Lucy!

And a stroller to go with it!

Momma looks on as the girls make presents for Lucy.

The little one creates abstract art on a onesie.

Momma never thought there would ever be anything on her body bigger than her boobs or her butt. Lucy's proving that wrong.

Grandma watching the artistes in action.

Tre magnifique! Lucy will love all her unique onesies.

Lucy, Momma and her friend.

Thanks for coming everyone!

The little one had fun too! His momma's shower is next!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

29 Weeks

Lucy's a week ahead of schedule, growth wise. Her measurements estimate her weight at 3lbs 14oz.

This is Lucy's foot. I think the Fred Flintstone gene has been passed down. Yay, genetics.

Here is a good profile shot. Check out the nose. More on that later.

Lucy's moved into the head down position. Right now she's got enough room to bring her knees up to her face.

One of the few decent face shots we got (again). That's her foot up by her head. We forsee a future in the circus as a contortionist or maybe gymnastics. Her nose is looking decidedly like her father's.