Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten Months Old

Today I turned 10 months old. Mom freaked out because my age has two numbers in it. And guess what? I have more teeth! My two top teeth are coming in - one side faster than the other. There was mention of "snaggletooth" at dinner the other night, but I don't know what that word means. I am starting to understand words more, though. I know water and I know my name, but sometimes I ignore Mommy and Daddy when they say it. I became fascinated with putting things inside buckets this month and got really good at my peek-a-boo flap books. So much so that I get mad at Mom if she doesn't read me one every night.

Mom and Dad opened up more of the house for me this month. Now I can cruise around the dining room, the foyer, and the hallway. They are still keeping me out of the kitchen with a gate, though. It really makes me mad when Mom's in there and I can't get to her, even if she gives me stuff to bang around on. I have my own cubby holes in the dining room where Mom stashes different toys and books for me. It's a lot of fun to push my high chair around on the wood floor, too.

I moved up to the big tub this month. It took me a few days to get used to it, but I like it a lot now. I have lots of room to splash around in and there's this neat round thing I pull on that makes the water disappear. I got some new clothes this month, too. My belly was starting to hang out of my 6-9 month tshirts. I like my new clothes. Mom has good taste!

Speaking of taste, we found a food I can't eat this month. Hummus. Mom gave me some on a cracker and everywhere the hummus touched, my skin turned bright red. It still tasted good though, so I tried to eat it while Mom tried to get it off me. The redness lasted a couple hours. I guess I won't be eating that again anytime soon.

Here are some pictures of me. I hope you like them!

Lucy 10 Months