Friday, November 28, 2008

One Year

Mom's sorry it's taken so long to post an update this month. It's been a bit crazy around here. I got sick (again) and had to use a nebulizer for a couple weeks because I was wheezing, but it seems to have cleared up. Unfortunately, the infection or whatever that was making me sick didn't go away so quick, so now I'm on antibiotics to clear up a sinus and ear infection. I'm feeling better, though, especially with this long holiday weekend to spend sleeping and hanging out with

I turned one this month. Can you believe it!? I weigh 22.5 lbs and am 31 inches tall. I had a birthday party at a restaurant called "The Willows." It's the same restaurant Mommy and Daddy had their reception. It was fun!

Big news this month! I have two more teeth! Now I have two top and four bottom teeth. Mom says two more teeth up top look like they are on their way, so the next time you hear from me, I might have SIX teeth! I also said my first word this month: "Uh-oh." Isn't that funny? I know a few signs, too. I sign for all done, more, please and milk. We are learning baby signs at daycare, so I taught Mom the sign for please. She was pretty impressed! I tried taking a couple of steps on Thansgiving at Grandmom and Grandpop's house, but I'm not walking for real yet. Maybe soon. All the kids in my new daycare class walk and sometimes they leave me behind.

I no longer drink from bottles or drink formula. I drink regular milk from sippy
cups. I don't even need milk before bed anymore! I'm still eating all kinds of stuff, but my favorites are waffles, bananas and mashed potatoes. Soon I will learn how to use a spoon, but for now, I'm all about finger food!

Here are some pictures from my birthday party. I hope you like them!


Grandmom said...


You're getting to be such a BIG girl! Your birthday party was sure fun and everyone said you were the best birthday hostess ever - no crying or fussing.

Lots of love,
Grandmom & Grandpop

Shrinky Inky said...

Miss Lucy - you get prettier by the minute and you make funny faces just like your Mommy! I wish we could have been there for your party, it looks like it was fun!

pssst....did you get your package yet?