Friday, May 16, 2008

Six Months Old

A week ago I turned six months old. Half a year! Man, time is flying! I weigh
18 pounds even and am 27 inches long. Daddy came home this month. I was a
little leery of him at first because it had been just me and Mom for so
long. A few days was all it took to get back into the swing of things. I'm
glad my Daddy is home!

I've changed a lot in the last month. I started crawling...real crawling!
At first I would belly crawl, but as the month went on, my arms started
coordinating with my legs. Now I am all over the place! I've also started
climbing on everything. Mom caught me pulling myself up to stand in my crib
a couple of times, so Dad lowered the mattress to keep me from falling out.
I also got really vocal this month. Lots of babbling and at high volume. I
also started teething in earnest. I have a couple of teeth nubs waiting to break through on the bottom and I chomp, chomp, chomp on anything...fingers, toys, the couch.

I started eating solid food this month. I'm not sure why they call it
solid...everything is really mushy. I tried applesauce at first. It was ok.
Then avocado. I really like avocado! Then sweet potato. It made me gag.
When I see that orange mess coming, I throw a fit! Pears were ok, too. Then
rice cereal. That was kinda gross, but Mom mixes it up with avocado and I
eat it all up!

I hope you like my six month pictures!

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Six Months Old - Delayed

They say you can't keep them little forever, but Mom is trying to prove that wrong by not posting my six month photos and update until May 16th.

Not really. My six month doctor's appointment isn't until then and Mom would rather have the right stats on my update. So check back next week! Until then we leave you with a picture of me starting solid food. I believe this is avocado. Yummy!