Monday, July 14, 2008

Eight Months Old

Last week, I turned 8 months old. 3/4 of a year! Mom's getting into the swing of things at work and I'm getting used to our routine. We changed daycares this week, though. Now I'm closer to home so Mommy and Daddy can take turns picking me up and dropping me off. I started cruising around more this month. I like to move up and down the length of the couch. The couch is just the right height to hold on to. We celebrated Father's Day and I made a card for Daddy at daycare. I had a rough patch this month, with a double ear infection and a touch of pinkeye. I'm all better now, but it took awhile to get over everything. This month I tried green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, tofu, egg yolk, puffed rice cereal, and a funky sweet potato that Mom got at the Farmer's Market. That's a funny story, actually. Mom, Dad and I went to the Farmer's Market at a local college here. Daddy was wearing me in my Beco and I had on my big pink floppy hat and my sunglasses. A couple of Japanese tourists stopped and asked if they could take pictures with me. Mommy and Daddy said yes and they snapped away. Very weird.

Next week my big sister and my Auntie Jeri are coming to visit. We'll be sure to take lots of pictures to show you at the next update!

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